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Green House

The Greenhouse

Plants for inside your home

Year-round tropical abundance is what you'll experience as you wander through our main retail greenhouse.

An inviting array of houseplants beckon to you as you stand at the door and gaze in.

Will it be the variegated leaf of the easy to care for spider plant, the beautiful blooms of the orchids, or the streaming cascade of the string pearls that draw you in?

Whatever strikes your fancy or connects with your heart is where we imagine you'll dive in first.


From common houseplants to the more rare and hard to find, we are committed to stocking and growing a diverse assortment of native and hybrid plants for the community to select from and enjoy.

If you're new to the "plant life" and aren't really sure where or how to start, one of our experienced team members will be happy to help you select a plant(s) that will thrive in the space you're considering, and which will have the right temperament for the amount of care you'd like to give.

We have organic soils, soil amendments, and fertilizers for the various needs of different houseplants.

If you're looking for just the right container to plant up your thriving plants, we have a great inventory of terracotta, ceramic, and self-watering containers to choose from.

inside DiMeco's greenhouse

Explore Our Greenhouse

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